Honouring Ireland’s Family Carers

Throughout Ireland, family carers dedicate themselves to providing remarkable levels of care in the home to their loved ones. More than ever and due to Covid-19, carers have had to display even more resilience in the face of adversity and with many services and supports temporarily unavailable, it’s never been a more important time to recognise and honour the selfless work they do every day.

Once a year, we can give them the acknowledgement they deserve through the Netwatch Carer of the Year Awards and we need your help to identify these family carers.

If you know a family carer or a young carer, whether a relative, neighbour or a friend, who you think should be recognised and rewarded for the extraordinary levels of care they provide to a loved one, then please fill in the nomination form below!

There are two categories of awards with over 30 winners!

Carer of the Year:  Family Carers Ireland will select one winner from every County (ROI only). Each County winner will then go forward for the overall Netwatch Carer of the Year 2020.

Young Carer of the Year: Family Carers Ireland will select one winner from every region (Leinster, Munster, Connacht, Ulster) and each will win the Netwatch Young Carer of the Year 2020.

Pictured is 2019 Netwatch Carer of the Year Marcin Filak from Kildalkey, Co. Meath with his wife Ola.

Who Are Family Carers?

There are over 355,000 family carers in Ireland who provide high levels of care at home for children and adults with special needs, severe disabilities and mental illnesses or frail older people and people who are terminally ill.

Family carers need to be constantly available due the high levels of social and health care needed at home and in case of emergency. The carer’s life centres on the needs of the person requiring care and they often overlook or suppress their own health and emotional needs in their concern for looking after the person they love.

Family carers save the state €10bn per year and provide an astonishing 6.2 million hours of care each week. By 2030, 1 in 5 will be a family carer.

Who Are Young Carers?

There are an estimated 56,000 children between the ages of 10 and 17yrs providing care to ill or disabled relatives in the home. Their work often goes unrecognised and their own social, health and educational needs are often neglected. These children provide annually 2.2 million hours of care and close to 1000 provide more than 43 hours of care per week.

Pictured from left to right are 2019 Netwatch Young Carers of the Year Matthew McCartin, Áine Grant, Hailey Golden and Lily Power.

How to Nominate a Family Carer

Simply complete the nomination form, giving as much detail as possible as to why the *family carer/young carer should be considered for the Netwatch Carer of the Year Award. Closing date for receipt of entries is Friday 18th September.

*please note these Awards honour family carers who provide unpaid care in the home to their loved ones. It is not a professional, paid homecare worker.

The decision of the judges is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

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