Family Carers Ireland is dedicated to supporting Ireland’s 355,000+ family carers and to ensuring they are properly recognised, supported and empowered.  To achieve this, we work with carers to ensure their perspective and policy priorities are brought to the attention of Government and policy makers. 

We deliver a range of targeted campaigns to give a voice to carers, raise public awareness and advance carer policy. Our policy priorities are informed by carers and evidenced through our programme of research and regular carer consultations. 

Our lobbying activities take various forms including meeting with political representatives and Government Ministers, presentations before Oireachtas committees, engagement with department officials and policy makers and representation on national committees and working groups. 

Policy, campaigning and lobbying initiatives: 

  • Family Carers Ireland have worked closely with the Government on the development of delivery of Ireland’s first National Carers’ Strategy. We are continuing to engage with Government on the development of a refreshed National Carers’ Strategy Action Plan for the period 2020 – 2023.
  • National campaigns to raise awareness of the issues affecting carers, our annual pre-budget campaign and election campaigns
  • Contribute to calls for policy submissions by Government Departments and state bodies in relation to a variety of issues including the introduction of a statutory homecare scheme; the EU Directive on Flexible Working for Parents and Carers; the design of Census 2021 and a submission to the Citizens Assembly on the amendment of Article 42 of the Constitution.  
  • Publication of research including ‘Paying the Price’ which shows the physical, mental and psychological impact of caregiving; the ‘State of Caring’ report which examines the situation of family carers in Ireland and a ‘Caring Through COVID’ report which shows carers’ experiences of caring during the COVID pandemic.
  • Participation on national committees including the HSE’s National Patient Forum, National Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Committee, Community and Voluntary Pillar of Social Partnership; HSE Oversight Group on the National Patient Experience Survey, Homecare Coalition, DCS Oversight Group and Eurocarers.
  • Public affairs including engagement with political parties regarding the inclusion of family carers in the formation of a Programme for Government.
  • Lobby for better recognition and support for family carers at a European level through our membership of Eurocarers.
  • Give family carers a voice in national social dialogue through Family Carers Ireland’s membership on the Community and Voluntary Pillar of Social Partnership.