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1 in 9 people in Ireland balance a family caring role alongside paid employment. Now more than ever, companies must support and empower working carers. Become a Caring Employer today and join companies like Irish LifeBank of Ireland, Roche and EA Gaming who are committed to creating a caring work environment, whether that is in the office or at home.

Pictured L-R: Carole Shaw, HR Business Partner and Wellbeing Lead, Roche Ireland; Catherine Cox, Head of Communications & Policy, Family Carers Ireland; Sue O'Grady, Marketing Manager, Family Carers Ireland

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Proof In Numbers

People juggling work alongside a caring role


People juggling work alongside a caring role

Eldercare-related work interruptions estimated cost to businesses [1]

€615 M

Eldercare-related work interruptions estimated cost to businesses [1]

Increase in children born with a disability (Census 2016)


Increase in children born with a disability (Census 2016)

Who are family carers?

Family carers provide unpaid care at home to their children (and adult children), spouses, relatives, siblings, friends with physical or intellectual disabilities, rare diseases, mental ill-health, chronic illness, palliative care illness, addiction, ageing parents. Behind every diagnosis is most often a family carer. 

There are 500,000+ family carers in Ireland today, of which 250,000 are juggling their career alongside their caring role in the home. Family Carers Ireland are calling on companies, no matter what your size, to adopt a carer-centric culture and support the 1 in 9 within your workforce who are both caring for a loved one with additional needs and managing their career.

Our people are our power.  The landscape has changed radically in Ireland since the beginning of Covid-19, with so many working from home with reduced day services and very little, and in some cases no access to respite. Striking a balance has become even more of a challenge and one we at Family Carers Ireland can help you navigate and support.


Caring Employers partners with companies in a pledge to support this cohort – ensuring they feel supported and empowered in the workplace.  At Family Carers Ireland, we want to keep family carers working, so they avoid isolation and the dangers of falling off a financial cliff by having to give up work.  Life is about compromise, and the same can be said for work.  It’s a two way street.



It's very simple. This approach not only benefits your employees, but it also benefits you, the employer. Research demonstrates that family carers who have a job are generally happier, healthier and more secure financially than family carers who do not have outside employment. Over time however, the cumulative effect of being a "working carer" places increasing stress on the employee. In these instances, many family carers feel the only option is to give up work to care full time. So the business case for employers to support carers centres on the merits of retaining superior employees and avoiding the costs and disruption of recruiting replacements.

It makes perfect sense.

With very little cost or restriction, you can provide these supports and foster a compassionate community and progressive team ethos which leads to a more productive workforce. And Family Carers Ireland does all the work.

There is evidence to show that the current impact of staff turnover, absenteeism and the stress caused by juggling work with caring responsibilities has a significant impact on business. A US study from 2006 estimated the cost to business of ‘eldercare-related work interruptions’ to be over $33.6 billion per year (0.24% of the entire US GDP that year). [1]

This gives some indication of the possible scale of the costs in Ireland. If family caring has a similar impact on work in this country, it could be costing Irish businesses over €615 million every year. [2]

By offering greater flexibility and support to employees juggling paid employment and family caring, employers could significantly reduce these costs, save money, increase productivity and retain their most valuable asset – their staff.

[1] MetLife Market Institute (2006) referenced by Lero et al. (2012)
[2] B&A Omnibus Survey 2019, surveying 1000 adults

It's all about collaboration.

To deliver on these objectives, we are committed to providing you with a bespoke programme of (virtual) events over a 12 month period that will provide practical supports for your staff. We bring our initiative into the heart of your organisation and we develop the programme around your employee needs and asks. 

Caring Employers is about collaboration and partnership. 

You and us.


Yes, there is a cost but we will work with you, depending on the needs of your employees.  We understand every company and size is different, which is why we have a minimal sign-up fee and "pay as you go" approach to our programme.

We guarantee a personal approach to working out what will best suit your particular company.  We are a charity and don’t like playing hard ball, but we are passionate about creating change in Ireland and making our workplaces more carer-centric.


Interested?  We’re all about having a virtual coffee and a chat these days (but do look forward to a face-to-face meeting soon!). However you would like to do business, we’ll follow your lead!

Please complete this quick form and we’ll be in touch with you or simply phone Sue O'Grady on 087 22 74 015.

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