Carer Stories

Meet Sinead

Sinead Tighe lives in Tallaght, Co. Dublin with her husband Keith, daughter Shauna (16) and son Daniel (13). Daniel was born with the rare genetic condition Sotos syndrome which causes severe intellectual disability, epilepsy and a sensory processing disorder.

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Meet Jeremiah

Jeremiah O’Donovan lives in Turner’s Cross, Cork City with his 86 year old mother Lucy and his brother James. Known to his friends as Miah, he took early retirement to care for Lucy who is blind, has limited mobility and type 1 diabetes which requires multiple injections every day and James who has mental health issues and is also a diabetic.

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Meet Brenda

Brenda O’Connell-Barry lives in Charleville, Co. Cork with her husband Trevor and their young son Fionn (5) who has NACC1, a rare genetic mutational condition. Fionn is the only known person in Europe with this diagnosis.

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