Census 2022: Q23 - Is this me?

Census 2022 will take place on Sunday, April 3rd. Carried out by the Central Statistics Office, the results provide vital information to help plan for services such as health, education, transport, childcare and care for the elderly in our communities now and into the future. 

Question 23 on the census form asks:

Do you provide regular unpaid personal help or support to a family member, neighbour or friend with a long-term illness, health issue, an issue related to old age or disability?

The purpose of Question 23 is to gain an accurate measure of the number of family carers and the amount of work they carry out.

If you are caring for loved one, please ensure you are counted on April 3rd by answering Yes to Question 23

Further information on Question 23 can be found in the leaflet below and on www.census.ie.

Family Carers Ireland will soon be launching a public awareness campaign titled 'QUESTION 23 - Is this me? Make Carers Count' to encourage family carers to tick Yes to Question 23 on April 3rd. Further details will be announced in the near future.